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All the chocolates at Chocolee are handcrafted by Lee herself.

Click below to view varieties.

    + Truffles@ $1.50/pc

    All truffles have a shelf life of 2 weeks

    Dk. Chocolate Espresso Filling coated in a Dk. Chocolate shell

    Spicy Pepper
    Dk. Chocolate filling infused with poblano peppers dipped in a Dk. Chocolate shell

    Creamy Gianduja filling coated with a Gianduja chocolate shell and roleld to toasted in toasted crushed hazel nuts

    White Chocolate Pistachio
    White chocolate ganache with pistachio paste filling in a white chocolate shell roleld in toasted pistachios

    + Candies @ 1.00-1.50/pc

    The following candies have a 10 day shelf life

    Salted Caramel
    Salted caramel candy in a dark chocolate shell

    Dulce de Leche with Toasted Walnuts
    Milk chocolate candy with a condensed milk chew filling with toasted walnuts

    Dark Chocolate Ginger
    Homemade candied ginger folded with dark chocolate ganache

    Brandied Cherry and Honey
    Gooey Honey Brandied Cherries coated in a Dark chocolate shell

    Dark Chocolate with Sesame Caramel
    Dark chocolate filled with a toasted sesame caramel

    White Chambord
    Dark Chocolate candy filled with a Chambord and raspberry flavored white chocolate ganache

    Dark Chambord
    White Chocolate candy filled with a Chambord and raspberry flavored dark chocolate ganache

    Dark chocolate ganache with cardamom spices

    Dark Rose
    Dark Chocolate ganache free form candies with rose water

    Grand Marnier
    Free form dark chocolate ganache bars with Grand Marnier and orange reduction

    Dark Chocolate and fig
    Dark chocolate candies filled with homemade fig preserves

    Coconut caramel
    Coconut cream with a chewy caramel center

    Peanut Butter and dark Ganache
    Peanut Butter Cream with a smooth dark chocolate center

    ChocoLee Turtles
    Milk chocolate ganache with caramel dipped in milk chocolate and garnished with toasted pecan

    + Bark @ $1.00-1.50/pc

    All barks have a shelf life of two weeks

    Hazelnut Bark
    Gianduja Chocolate with taosted hazelnuts

    Toasted sliced almonds with Dark Chocolate rolled thin

    Holiday Bark
    Changes with the holidays

House favorite chocolates include dark chocolate with salted caramel, dark chocolate with sesame caramel, dark chocolate with bourbon cherry and honey filling, and the dark chocolate with chocolate ganache and candied ginger.

Chocolee also sells a bark called kapinziner. It is made from semi-sweet chocolate and toasted almonds. The chocolates are made every day and new flavors are always being experimented with.

We will also custom design chocolates and chocolate showpieces for buffet tables.